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8 Things to Consider - Kegs

1. Temperature: Keep the kegs properly chilled to the recommended temperature for the type of beer being served. Generally, a temperature between 38-42°F (3-6°C) is ideal for most beers.

2. Availability: Check with local breweries, liquor stores, or beverage distributors in your area to determine if they offer keg rentals. Ensure you inquire about their availability and reserve a keg well in advance to secure your desired selection.

3. Keg types and sizes: Kegs come in various types and sizes, such as quarter barrels (pony kegs), half barrels, or smaller specialty kegs. Determine the appropriate size based on the number of guests and their anticipated beer consumption.

4. Beer selection: Discuss the available beer options with the rental provider and choose the type and brand that will cater to your guests' preferences. Consider offering a variety of styles to accommodate different tastes.

5. Deposit and fees: Inquire about the deposit required for renting a keg. Understand the terms and conditions, including any potential fees for late returns, damaged equipment, or missing parts.

6. Tap equipment: Check if the rental includes the necessary tap equipment (e.g., taps, couplers, hand pumps, CO2 systems) or if you need to rent or purchase them separately.

7. Pickup and return logistics: Determine the pickup and return procedures, including the designated location and time. Clarify if you need to bring your own vehicle or if delivery options are available. Plan accordingly to avoid last-minute complications.

(The client is responsible for coordinating delivery and return of kegs unless explicitly stated and agreed upon that On Point will be responsible for keg delivery and/or return. Additional fees apply)

8. Drink responsibly: Encourage responsible consumption and ensure guests have access to water and non-alcoholic beverages.

Cheers! 🥂


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