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What Beer Should I Serve At My Event?

Choosing the best beers to serve depends on personal preferences and the overall theme or atmosphere of the event. However, here are some popular and versatile beer options that can appeal to a wide range of guests:

1. Light Lager:

Light and crisp lagers are often well-received by a diverse crowd. They offer a refreshing and easy-drinking option that pairs well with a variety of food choices.

2. Pale Ale:

Pale ales provide a balanced flavor profile with moderate hop bitterness and a malty backbone. They offer more flavor complexity while remaining approachable to many beer drinkers.

3. Wheat Beer:

Wheat beers, such as Hefeweizen or Belgian Witbier, are known for their light and fruity flavors, often featuring notes of citrus and spices. They can be a refreshing choice, particularly during warmer months or outdoor events.

4. IPA (India Pale Ale):

If you have guests who enjoy hop-forward beers, offering an IPA can be a good choice. IPAs come in various styles, from more bitter West Coast IPAs to fruity and aromatic New England IPAs, allowing you to cater to different preferences.

5. Pilsner:

Pilsners are crisp and clean lagers with a slightly stronger hop presence compared to light lagers. They offer a bit more flavor while maintaining a refreshing character that appeals to a broad audience.

6. Amber/Red Ale:

Amber or red ales bring a touch of maltiness and caramel notes to the table. They offer a moderate level of hops and a smooth finish, making them a versatile option that pairs well with a range of dishes.

7. Cider:

For guests who prefer a gluten-free or alternative option, consider offering a selection of ciders. Ciders can range from dry to sweet and offer a fruity and refreshing alternative to beer.

It's also a good idea to consult with local breweries or beverage distributors in your area for recommendations and to inquire about any specialty or seasonal beers they offer that could add a unique touch to your event selection.

We recommend 2-4 options maximum. This will provide your guests with some variety without overwhelming them with too many options.

Cheers! 🥂


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